Deanna Williford

About 8 years ago, I realized something about all the purchased artwork hanging in my home — every framed piece had either an animal or an elementary-aged child in it (or BOTH)!!  Every single one!!  Even after teaching for 32 years, I still find listening to children and watching how they perceive and handle their lives to be charming and enlightening. What perfect subjects to paint!

Rendering animals in watercolor is a way for me to really “know” them.  I’ve always enjoyed studying all land and marine species… especially their unique traits and idiosyncracies. My lifelong devotion to horses started when I was seven and 53 years later, I still ride my two horses every day and marvel at their beauty, strength, and willingness to partner with us humans.

I totally enjoy sharing my fascination of wildlife, “tamelife”, and youngsters in my paintings.

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