studio1WILLOWBROOK STUDIO was built in 2006 in Clarksville, Maryland. The studio is 1100 sq.ft. and accommodates up to 14 students per class. Classes are offered in painting and drawing during fall, winter and spring sessions. Painting is taught in acrylic and watercolor as well as mixed media. Martha Lohaus began teaching painting in Maryland in 2003 at a nearby location.

The studio is also used for occasional weekend workshops exploring creative expression in various visual arts. It serves as a working studio for Martha Lohaus.

WILLOWBROOK STUDIO PAINTERS are a group of 25 , students and professionals who take classes. They work in a variety of mediums and varied approaches producing a diverse body of work. They have exhibited at Oliver’s Carriage House in Columbia, MD from 2005-2012 and at the Howard County Conservancy in Glenwood, MD from 2010-2012.