Bea Luzier

With the promise that almost anyone can learn to create with paint and brush, I began taking Martha Lohaus' art classes four years ago and I have found that promise to be true. Suddenly painting emerged as a passion. I love watching the emergence of colors into a distinguishable work called art. Painting provides me with an opportunity to develop hidden talents that were unknown to me and through painting, release what lies within.

My present interest lies in landscapes. Many times a day I find myself looking at the ever changing sky with its blues and whites and purples and yellows and reds and wondering if I could replicate that awesome beauty in a painting.

So far all of my paintings have been acrylic and mixed media and ink. Experimenting with tools such as wash, sponge, and palette knife, has increased my interest in trying new tools. I also enjoy exploring textures, patterns and colors. Usually I begin work by drawing the outline of what I have in mind.

I have a sense of wanting my inner feelings to emerge on to paper expressing peacefulness, and at other times revealing the sadness in the world.

My goal as an artist is to simply continue learning and experimenting and developing this new interest.

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