Betty H Myers

I love the creative process of starting with a blank canvas or paper and seeing an image evolve. It seems I always wanted to be an artist. By age 6, people were amazed that my drawings captured my dog’s likeness. Although life’s journeys took me down many other paths, I continuously sought ways to get back to art. Now it’s my primary focus.

I approach art with wonder and curiosity. Each creation is an experiment–a chance to engage new ways of seeing and painting. Exploring the interplay of light, color and shapes fascinates me. Sometimes I aim to capture the essence of objects, and other times to deeply observe and “become one with them.” I’m delighted by acrylic paint’s bold colors, and soothed by the creamy feel as it’s applied to the surface.

The beauty and complexity of nature, architecture, music, poetry, and dance inspire me. Right now, subjects include studies in glass, metal, and ceramic objects, entryways, unusual perspectives, performing musicians, and curvilinear abstracts. Capturing these in large formats and miniatures challenges my artistry, as does the community of learners in this studio.

You can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.