Florence Miller

I began taking the Art class at Willowbrook in order to learn to see better, to pay better attention to the life and beauty around me. I wanted to approach art as meditation.

My mother was a talented artist. I admired her talent and knew her art was a blessing and a haven for her. I had not had any indication of talent in that realm but I have a creative impulse and desire! So I signed on.

I haven’t been disappointed. I’ve learned to develop a power of observation and the “artist eye”. (if not the hand/eye coordination…: )

Working with watercolor and acrylic, glue, sand, marbles, beads, ribbons, wood, shells etc. I’ve grown to love collage work. I delight in creating something that feels like a visit to the woods or the shore through -not only color, form and composition- but texture, depth, and symbol using objects I’ve discovered and collected, an array of materials …stuff!

My favorite piece is large, made of sand, stones and acrylic paint – and is like a piece of the New England shore coming to you on your wall.

I love for people to give me favorite objects and request a painting using them! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.