Sandy Queen


I have been drawing, doodling, painting and creating as long as I can remember. When I began my journey with Willowbrook Painters, it was the first time outside of school art classes that I had any type of formal instruction.  I learned about watercolors….I learned about acrylics…..I loved pastels and especially the rendering of favorite pets.  I wanted to paint large, well-executed paintings that would be show stoppers!  However, ultimately, what I have found that brings me the greatest joy is painting in miniature – the smaller the better.  I have always had a love of small things and have an amazing scale- sized dollhouse, so painting  to decorate my  “small home” was a natural.  Every brush stroke counts, and especially in watercolor! But the joy of seeing something tiny come to life with a one-bristle brush is amazing and delightful and keeps my easily-distracted attention-span highly focused!