Anna Nissen

Life brings each of us joy and sadness in abundance. It is filled also with quirky moments and people, moments that make us smile and lighten our footsteps. It is these people and moments that I have fun with in my cards or small paintings whether they be adults, children, (who do the darndest things) or animals, with their hilarious or beseeching faces. I paint them because I like them but when I see other folks chuckling at my cards or recognizing themselves or others in it, then I delight. I use both watercolor and acrylic for my cards.
My large paintings are determined by my mood. Some are joyful abstracts while others tend to tell a story. Some begin as an abstract but gradually morph into something representational as I can’t seem to avoid seeing a narrative in even the most abstract designs. When this happens, remnants of the abstract remain in the painting. My large paintings are always in acrylic , which allows one to paint over anything including mistakes my brush might make and giving me the freedom to explore all possibilities.