Kathy Tillman

Exploring objects and textures in nature and capturing the drama of light outdoors have inspired my artwork for as long as I can remember. After years of working in a variety of different mediums, I currently bounce back and forth between pen and ink in monochromatic drawings and explosions of color in dry wool felted pieces. I find these mediums suit my creative objectives and are just plain fun. Whether it is a night sky, a sunrise peeking through trees, a striking shadow, or that magical late afternoon light, I want to see how I can convey what I have seen with felting. Sometimes I juxtapose color and shape to get my subject to pop out at the viewer and then draw the eye in to look at the details. Or, I may find an object that starts the idea for a piece and is incorporated into the design (i.e., a piece of blue tile from the wall at Frida Kahlo’s home; lichen growing on a piece of bark).