Carol Dunlavey

I have enjoyed watercolor painting since I was a young person. Being able to paint in a free watercolor manner has long been a hope of mine. I paint now in watercolor to challenge myself and to explore a new side of my creative self. I don’t usually paint any particular subject matter, rather I try to explore my ability to recreate something of beauty or particular interest. I enjoy painting in a variety of sizes from large sheets of paper to small miniatures.

I enjoy painting both with a group of people with different styles and skills and in solitude. I use the work of others as examples of techniques and styles to try to stretch my own skills and to try to develop my own particular style. I am trying to loose myself from the bonds of accurate and correct and see more creatively as I work something of a challenge for me.

I particularly enjoy the beauty of the natural world and tend to paint the things of nature rather than still life. I am drawn to the color blue and frequently use it in my work.