Marge Goethe

Painting and drawing invite me to “SEE” and sense my world afresh. I’m invited into a conversation. 

I like to play with paints, often using bold, bright, hot colors.  The interplay of fluidity and control  in watercolor can bring into being some surprising and playful creations.

People are a favorite subject of mine, particularly catching them in special moments when their eyes hold a bit of mischief, fear, aloneness, boldness or joy, when they are uniquely themselves. While I try and capture their image, it’s also exhilarating to catch the universality in their expressions and activities.

Fortunate enough to travel, I use my camera to zero in on special sights, oddities, and details.  I’m less likely to paint scenery, but instead focus on a corner of a market, tile rooftop patterns,  or  giggling Laotian school girls with sun umbrellas…

 In workshops and classes the invitation is always there to stretch, learn and grow.  I am challenged and supported as I work alongside my fellow artists.