Kirsten D A Ancona

All through my life I have explored art in various forms. I have come to recognize that I often perceive my surroundings based on how I might represent them in a painting…light through tree limbs, the composition on the side of the road, the turn of a head. My painting is both my refuge and my celebration of the world. It brings joy into my life.

Color, brush work and composition have emerged as the driving force behind my work. I use my color and brush work to evoke mood; perhaps bright vibrant shades and staccato brush strokes for energy or a more subdued palate and quiet smooth brush work to reflect stillness or quiet contemplation.

My compositions tend to focus on subjects of timeless beauty: pastoral  landscape, still life and the occasional portrait or abstract. I love the thought of artwork enduring and being appreciated over time, regardless of trends, so I strive to achieve balanced work that warrants such regard.

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