Judith DeVito

“I know what I like.”   Although this phrase is often applied in regard to art, there is no denying that it exactly expresses the essence of artistic creation and perception.  The artist may be inspired to create through his or her myriad filters of life experience, spirit, beauty, social consciousness, fascination with pattern, etc.  What ends up on the canvas or paper is, yet again, perceived by the viewer through those very same personal filters, bringing the act of creation full circle.
That shared creative process has always fascinated me.  I have always found inspiration in nature, in the trick of light and reflection, and in the fascinating fluidity of human facial expression.  Using watercolor brings a freedom and freshness that appeals to me.  By its ephemeral nature, this medium seems to parallel those fleeting moments I most want to capture: the flight of a bird, the sparkle on water, a child’s smile.  If, in viewing my painting, one senses sudden beauty from a moment captured in time, in whatever way it is personally perceived, I am entirely grateful.  I am also grateful to the artists of Willowbrook among whom I have found such a welcome and nurturing atmosphere in which to explore and create.  As the Navajo say, “Walk in beauty”…and they do.